Peelhouse Care Plans

At Peelhouse Dental Care in Widnes, Cheshire, we encourage our patients to join one of our payments plans. Once we have worked together to achieve your dental fitness it is much easier to maintain that level of health with regular visits.


By joining a payment plan you will visit the practice twice a year for dental assessments and hygiene appointments. Of course you may need to come in more if a problem occurs and you are welcome to do that. Joining a payment plan also allows you to spread the costs of these visits over a twelve month period, thus budgeting for your care.


These are maintenance plans to ensure you keep in good dental health and particularly making sure you receive the right preventive care. Joining a dental care plan means your dentistry will cost you a lost less. We’ll help show you how to look after your teeth and keep them in excellent condition.


As a Peelhouse Dental Care Plan patient you will also receive benefits such as out of hours emergency and accident cover.

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