Dental Treatment Fees

Below is a selection of pricing taken from our main dental treatment list which is available to download in PDF format on this page.


If you have any questions about our pricing structure please do not hesitate to call reception on 0151 424 2516 for further clarification.

Consultations & Examinations

  • New Patient Consultation

    (inc. 2 x-rays)

  • Impressions

    (including face bow if required)


Download our comprehensive fee list in PDF format by clicking the image below:

Click here for Peelhouse Dental care detailed fee list

Digital Imaging

  • Pan Oral Xray


  • 3D CBCT scan

    (inc. report)

    From £100.00

Hygiene & Prevention

  • Routine Hygiene Appt.

  • Airflow

    "no-scaling" clean


Direct Restorations

  • Fillings

    From £120.00
  • Direct Composite Veneer


Tooth Removal

  • Extractions

    From £120.00

Crowns & Veneers

  • Ceramic Veneers & Crowns

    single unit inc. temporary

    From £600.00 per tooth

Root Canal Therapy

  • Complexity Level One

    From £400.00
  • Complexity Level Two

    From £480.00
  • Complexity Level Three

    From £600.00
  • Fractured Post Removal



  • Partial Acrylic

    From £400.00
  • Duraflex Framework

    From £520.00
  • Chrome Framework


    From £620.00


  • Six Month Smiles Clear Braces

    incl. whitening, fixed & removable retainers

    from £2990.00
  • Invisalign Lite

  • Invisalign Full


Dental Implants

  • Single Tooth

    fully restored

    From £2450.00
dental care plans in widnes

Dental Health Care Plans

Our dental health care plans are for our patients who are dentally fit or have had a course of treatment and want to maintain that level of dental health.


They involve dental health checks with the dentists or therapists and hygiene/gum treatments with the dental hygiene therapists.

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