About Peelhouse Dental Care Widnes

Peelhouse Dental Care in Widnes is a place where we have a slightly different approach to dental care than most practices.


We work as a team utilising the latest technology for dentists and dental advances to ensure you have the most modern approach to care. We never underestimate the emotional impact improving dental health can have on our patients.


We will:

  • Always listen to you.
  • Spend time to understand your treatment requirements.
  • Use the latest technology and techniques in our dentistry.
  • Involve you in your treatment choices.
  • Improve your knowledge and understanding of your own long term dental health.


You will:

  • Want good quality care from a team that cares.
  • Be confident that the practice invests in training, technology and equipment.
  • Value your own dental health and overall health.
  • Be involved in your treatment options and choices.
  • Enjoy your visits and feel happy with the amount of time spent to ensure your optimal dental health.

Our Ethos

Peelhouse Dental Care in Widnes, Cheshire is well placed to accept patients from the North West who are looking for everything from routine care through to more complex dentistry.


Routine dental care and prevention will be approached from a team aspect with our dentists involving our dental therapists in your care. More complex issues require more advanced experience and our dentists undergo training at a higher level to be able to offer these services.


Many patients come to us with multifactorial problems that take time to diagnose and plan. With our latest investment in a dental CT scanner, which allows  very detailed pictures of your teeth and supporting tissues, we can be confident with our decisions and the options we offer you.


We will always involve you in the decision making process so you fully understand the benefits, time scales and costs of any treatments.

Do you want to join the practice?

We’re here to provide you excellence in Dental Care without compromise…