Clear Brace Orthodontics in Cheshire

With the advent of new systems for straightening teeth, adult orthodontics is now becoming increasingly popular. For most people conventional traditional orthodontics has just been too much to consider. With treatment times averaging two years, unsightly brackets and wires in place, this means for most, that modern life and working patterns are interfered with too much.


However, with the introduction of Short Term Orthodontics or Cosmetic Tooth Straightening with Clear Braces all that has changed.


We use several systems for straightening teeth including:



Which system we use will depend on what we are trying to achieve as well as your personal preference.


All of our Clear Brace systems use either clear, “invisible” aligners or tooth coloured “almost invisible” brackets and wires.


All our systems concentrate on improving the alignment and appearance of the front six teeth. We are not looking for major changes with the biting teeth and this is what makes these treatment times so much quicker than conventional orthodontics.


Of course, you may require changes to the biting teeth and if that is the case we are also able to offer the more conventional treatments but with cosmetic brackets and wires or aligners.


Clear aligners or cosmetic brackets and wires, whichever you choose, will give you a great aesthetic result without having to damage and cut down teeth for crowns and veneers as may have been offered in the past.


Patients often choose to have some tooth whitening at the end of treatment and with some minor tooth adjustments via contouring or adding tooth coloured composite, this can really give you a smile to be proud of.


The first step is to discuss your preferences with our team and we can carry out a full assessment to see if you would be suitable for one of our clear brace systems.

To find out more about the Clear Brace systems we use please click on the links below…

Clear Braces – Case Studies

Teeth straightening can be a powerful, conservative and cost-effective way of transforming your smile.  If you have crooked or crowded teeth then braces are likely to be the best treatment for achieving a beautiful, harmonious smile that still looks like you.


Treatment to straighten teeth is often combined with whitening and composite bonding to complete the look. Teeth can be straightened using fixed braces with clear ceramic brackets and tooth coloured wires, or with clear aligners such as Invisalign.  Your dentist will guide you on the best option for you.


Take a look at some of the before and after pictures of our cases along with the patient’s story.

  • We recently had the pleasure of welcoming Hannah to our practice to help with her smile enhancement. During an initial consultation with Dr Viraj, we listened to Hannah’s concerns and learnt that she was unhappy with the current shape, colour, and level of her teeth. We also found that she was born with a smaller tooth called a ‘peg lateral’, a common abnormality in the size and shape of your second ‘incisor’ tooth. ...

  • Hayley was desperate to get her teeth straightened. She actually thought her teeth were too crooked to able to straighten completely. She explained how her confidence was low and she’d even learned how to smile without showing her teeth. In fact, getting her to smile for her dental photographs...

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