Quick Straight Teeth Aligners

The Quick Straight Teeth system uses fixed or removable clear braces to align your front teeth.


Fixed braces – use 3M brackets which are nearly invisible when placed on the teeth plus tooth coloured wires.


Removable braces  – use clear, almost invisible aligners to gentle move teeth into a chosen pre-programmed position.


Both these systems use gentle orthodontic tooth movements to gradually move your front six “smiling” teeth into a pre-planned position.


Gentle forces mean these are comfortable braces, with minimal discomfort and by just altering the front teeth we can shorten treatment times to anything from just a few months to 15 months.


To see if these treatments are suitable for you, organise a preliminary chat with one of our team who can discuss all the various tooth straightening systems we use.


We have the system to suit you…

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dental care plans in widnes

Dental Health Care Plans

Our dental health care plans are for our patients who are dentally fit or have had a course of treatment and want to maintain that level of dental health.


They involve dental health checks with the dentists or therapists and hygiene/gum treatments with the dental hygiene therapists.

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