Viraj Patel


GDC Reg No: 277231

Viraj recently qualified from the University of Liverpool Dental School with distinction, and has since gained a wealth of knowledge and experience in catering for patients’ treatment needs. He is highly motivated and passionate about delivering treatment which can achieve both aesthetic and functional results. During his degree, he was awarded the University Scholarship Prize for Oral Health, which reflects on how Viraj takes great pride in helping to facilitate lifestyle changes which can improve patients’ health and well-being.


In the coming years of his career, he endeavours to continue in his pursuit of knowledge which makes him a perfect fit for Peelhouse Dental – in order to achieve his goals of being able to provide advanced, ethical and high quality clinical care he is committed to further advancing his knowledge and qualifications and is currently working towards becoming a member of the Royal College of Surgeons Edinburgh, having already passed the first part.


He has a particular interest in the future of dental treatment, and the integration of digital technology to facilitate the use of advanced and innovative techniques.


Outside of dentistry, Viraj enjoys spending time with his family, cat, and chopping board (as he is a keen cook) . He is a Formula 1 fanatic, big Liverpool fan, and enjoys spending his evenings cycling along the River Mersey at The Albert Docks.

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