Oral Health Screening

We recommend full dental health checks at least once a year and sometimes twice a year, depending on your risk assessment for dental decay, tooth wear, gum disease and oral cancer.


A full dental health check with our dentists will include a full assessment of all the jaw joints and chewing muscles as well as a thorough check inside the mouth of all the dental tissues. This may not be necessary every six months and so some of your checks maybe with our Dental Hygiene Therapists.


You will also receive a full Oral Cancer screen during your dental health check as well as a screen for gum disease, dental decay and tooth wear.


Matt has undergone advanced training with the Dawson Academy. Dawson dentists are trained in an analysis of bite problems and related disorders of the jaw joints. The goal is always a completely comfortable bite with neutral muscles. Dawson dentists pride themselves on being physicians of the total masticatory system so, as such, they are often considered the “go to” dentist who can solve problems of comfort or function that are above the level of usual and customary service.


As part of your dental health check you will usually have x-rays and with our modern CT scanner we can now take images that previously were unobtainable. This helps us tremendously when deciding on the most suitable course of action for you.

Oral health and cancer screening at Peelhouse Dental Care Widnes Cheshire
dental care plans in widnes

Dental Health Care Plans

Our dental health care plans are for our patients who are dentally fit or have had a course of treatment and want to maintain that level of dental health.


They involve dental health checks with the dentists or therapists and hygiene/gum treatments with the dental hygiene therapists.

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