Dental Implant Clinic in Widnes

At Peelhouse Dental Implant Clinic in Widnes we can replace extracted or missing teeth with advanced dental implants.


Despite all the modern advances in dentistry, occasionally we have no choice other than to extract a tooth.


Once a tooth is extracted we have several options as to how to replace it.


  • A denture – this can be removed and many patients find them uncomfortable and can cause embarrassment
  • A bridge – this is permanent but may involve unnecessary destruction of tooth tissue
  • A dental implant – for many this is the gold standard to replace a missing tooth.


Dental Implants are small titanium rods that are placed within the bone structure and left for 3-4 months to become part of the bone – a process we know as osseo-integration. After 3-4 months the implant is then uncovered and a crown type restoration is placed onto the implant.


Most will say this is the closest thing to having your own tooth, they are permanent and firm and give more confidence to patients when eating and chewing. Of course, dental implants require maintenance just like any more complex piece of dentistry, but given good hygiene and good follow up we can expect a success rate of 95% for dental implants.

Single Dental Implant in Widnes Cheshire
dental care plans in widnes

Dental Health Care Plans

Our dental health care plans are for our patients who are dentally fit or have had a course of treatment and want to maintain that level of dental health.


They involve dental health checks with the dentists or therapists and hygiene/gum treatments with the dental hygiene therapists.

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