Smile Makeovers in Runcorn

Sometimes amazing transformations can be made to the overall look of your teeth without the need for a lot of intervention. With modern tooth straightening techniques, tooth whitening and modern composite filling materials we can make changes without sacrificing the lifespan of your teeth.


We have moved away from treatments where extensive tooth tissue is damaged to being able to utilise more conservative techniques. Another name for this sort of dentistry is Minimal Intervention Dentistry.


We can

  • Reposition teeth
  • Reshape teeth
  • Recontour teeth
  • Restore teeth


Othertimes, more complex procedures may be required such as implants or bridges and often there are several options that need further discussion.


You can be sure, though, at Peelhouse Dental Care in Runcorn we will take the time to assess all your teeth and dental tissues when looking at a SmileMakeover, because understanding the problem means we’re half way there!

smile makeovers in runcorn
dental care plans in widnes

Dental Health Care Plans

Our dental health care plans are for our patients who are dentally fit or have had a course of treatment and want to maintain that level of dental health.


They involve dental health checks with the dentists or therapists and hygiene/gum treatments with the dental hygiene therapists.

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