Lisa’s Smile Transformation


I qualified as a Dental Therapist over eight years ago and I have gained a lot of satisfaction treating patients over the years. Watching a patient’s confidence grow and observing how happy they are when treatment is complete is definitely one of the most rewarding aspects of my job. Being involved with and observing Matt’s Six Month Smile cases has really inspired me to improve my own smile because the results have been amazing!


Six Month Smiles is a tooth straightening system that aligns your front teeth in roughly six months. Sometimes it can be a bit longer, sometimes less time is required. The brackets and wires that are used to straighten the teeth are tooth coloured and fairly unobtrusive unlike the old fashioned type of braces.

Six Month Smiles Orthodontics in Widnes Cheshire

Ironically, I have not been happy with my own smile for many years now; they are slightly crowded, one area in particular on photographs looks like I have a tooth missing which makes me feel very self conscious. I discussed my concerns with Matt asking if I would be a suitable candidate for a Six Month Smile makeover and to my delight he said yes!


I am now at the start of my Six Month Smile journey, I’ve had impressions, study models and clinical photographs taken. Below are some of my initial photos prior to treatment.



Lisa BLisa2

lisa 3


I look forward to updating the blog with my personal progress over the next 6 months and posting photos of my smile along the way. I am also happy to discuss this treatment with any one who may be considering it for themselves

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