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No Need To Look Twice


So, some of you have been looking at the ‘new’ receptionist with a quizzical look, a feeling you may have met me somewhere before – I’ve become used to the tilt of the head to one side whilst I check you in for your appointment, the backwards second glance as you walk away from the desk…

Yes I can confirm that you’re not seeing things – it’s me – Liz , more commonly known as ‘Michelle-the-hygienists-Mum’. The one who left the practice because the queueing at the bridge every day was not good for my blood pressure, and this coupled with the daily delays on the M56 made the journey to work rather stressful.

A little background history, for those of you who didn’t know me ‘before’.

Liz, married to Paul, (media sales manager), mother of the aforementioned hygienist and also two boys, (one in banking and one just graduated). Grandmother to three girls and one little boy (Michelle the hygienists son) . Living in Bromborough on the Wirral (hence the dreaded motorway and bridge journey ). I took early retirement from my 25 year career in the Customer Service team at the Land Registry back in 2010, and started here as receptionist in May 2011. When Nicki was going off on maternity leave I was asked to train as a dental nurse, a challenge which I absolutely embraced and took my seat at my desk at night school every Thursday evening alongside my fellow students, who were mainly 17 year girls who had rarely done their homework. I was definitely the class swot, they relied on me for the answers , frantically completing their homework whilst we waited for the tutor to arrive. I loved helping them. And much as it was hard going to college after a full day at work, I do look back on that time very fondly. Happily for me I passed the exam at the first attempt, enabling me to work alongside Michelle and the dentists in surgery when required.

Now that’s an interesting one. Working as your daughters nurse 😊 Old habits die hard, and as professional as Michelle is, sometimes the inevitable would happen.

Mum, can you aspirate please – erm I mean Liz of course!! The patients seemed to like this family connection though, and we certainly worked well as a team. My famous response was, when asked how it felt nursing for my daughter – well I’ve been cleaning up after her for years, what’s different?

Working at Peelhouse Dental Care from May 2011, until March 2014, the bridge and the motorway were the only bug in an otherwise fantastic job, working with the lovely team here. So when I was offered a similar role ( I say offered, I didn’t apply for a new job, I was ‘headhunted’ to use a term which is a little grand but it explains how I left), literally five minutes walk from my house, meaning I didn’t even need to use my car, let alone battle with the trucks every day… it was a very tough decision. In the end head ruled heart and I accepted the job.

So I started work at the new practice, staying there for two years. But then guess what happened? An old friend had opened her own estate agency several years ago, and was opening a new branch.

Knowing me as she does ( I should mention that I have a passion for renovating houses and believe it or not have moved house six times in 15 years ! ) and I was offered my ‘dream’ job, as an estate agent selling houses. Worked here happily for two years, all the while keeping in touch with my lovely Peelhouse friends, having Greek nights at my house, and regular rendezvous in Liverpool for meals and catch ups. On one of these nights out, Jo said how lovely it was to have all ‘Team Peelhouse’ back together, and I had to agree with her. She tentatively mentioned that there may be a new role coming up in the near future… would I be interested?

WOULD I?!? Oh yes I would indeed… because sometimes in life you realise that its actually worth being tail-gated by the trucks, and battling with the bridge, to work for for an employer who puts the needs and the interests of his patients above all. The team are real friends, not simply colleagues and this definitely shows – teamwork takes on a whole new meaning at Peelhouse Dental Care. Seeing so many patients who have recognised me and welcomed me back into the practice has made me feel so valued, it really does feel like being part of a big family. I’m sure there can’t be many dental practices where the patients hug the staff!

So all in all, I’m so happy to be back and this little blog will hopefully explain to those who are wondering why, but didn’t like to ask.

I jumped at the chance to come back, after all we’re getting a new bridge which will allegedly put an end to all my problems. Oh, and one other reason, the Christmas parties are fabulous!

Looking forward to meeting you all soon.


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