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My Six Month Smiles Journey – Background Info

My Six Month Smiles Story

Six Months Smiles - BeforeHi there, I’m Kerry. Matt’s wife. Matt is also my dentist.
His practice in Widnes has started offering Six Month Smiles. If I’m honest, I didn’t know much about it until Matt did the course around 6 months ago.

25 years ago, I had traditional orthodontic treatment. I had overcrowding, so my upper and lower 4s removed and braces put on. The braces were removable and I used to have these tiny elastic bands that I had to fix to the brace, and then I’d have to fix the elastic bands to 4 brackets that were ‘glued’ to my teeth.
If I’m honest, I hated it. Didn’t like changing the bands (I wasn’t a very compliant patient), didn’t like wearing the brace, didn’t like cleaning it etc. I persevered and in end got a pretty good result that I was pleased with.

For a few years though I’ve been noticed that my teeth were starting to move and they basically weren’t straight anymore. All those years ago when I had my first brace there was no retainer at the end of treatment. I didn’t like how my teeth were looking, but hadn’t given orthodontics any serious consideration.
Then in early 2014, Matt did the Six Months Smiles course and suggested that I could have it done.

So, last week Matt took lots of photographs of my teeth, we discussed the treatment and today I’ve been in to the practice and had impressions done and in approx. 2 weeks time I will have my Six Month Smiles braces fitted.

With any luck, by Christmas I’ll have a perfect smile!

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