How Seasonal Allergies Affect Your Oral Health


Spring has sprung, but unfortunately, so have seasonal allergies. Congestion, sneezing and watery eyes can make it difficult to enjoy a beautiful spring day, but did you know your seasonal allergies might be impacting your oral health?

Allergies can be a catalyst for many dental issues, including dry mouth. In general, you are more inclined to breathe through your mouth when dealing with a stuffy, congested nose. Dry mouth can also occur as a side effect of many antihistamines. Not only is a dry mouth uncomfortable, it is the perfect environment for cavity-causing bacteria to multiply. This is because saliva plays a critical role in washing away bits of food and plaque from the teeth. A lack of saliva leaves the teeth susceptible to bad breath, cavities, and even gingivitis.

Stuffy sinuses lead to facial pain, but they can cause tooth pain as well. The sinuses are lined with sensitive mucus membranes that are painful when inflamed. When pressure builds in the maxillary sinuses (the largest sinuses surrounding the nasal cavity), they can push down on the roots of the upper molars. This can cause pain when eating, sensitivity to hot and cold, and even a throbbing sensation. If tooth pain persists after taking antihistamines, or occurs somewhere other than your upper molars, talk to your dentist — decay could be the underlying cause.

A sore throat is never fun. The irritation caused by post-nasal drip can result in noticeably bad breath. Unfortunately, if your bad breath is caused by a sore throat, brushing your teeth won’t help much at all.

Keeping your dental health in check during allergy season is important. Stay hydrated to combat the effects of dry mouth and assist the body in flushing away excess mucus.

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Maintaining a regular brushing and flossing routine is especially important for preventing cavities for those dealing with dry mouth. Treat your allergies, as controlling them will reduce their impact on your oral health. Avoid known triggers and discuss long-term allergy solutions with your doctor. If you experience any unusual mouth pain or problems, address these issues with your dentist.

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