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Week 3 Update

Six Month Smiles – week 3 update

I’ve had the Six Month Smiles brace on now for 3 and a half weeks and thought I’d do a quick update to let you know how I’m getting on in my quest for straight teeth :-)

It’s been strange getting used to the braces, for the first week or two I couldn’t eat anything that required me to either use my front teeth to tear or my back teeth to chew. This is because the bite guards that I have are stopping my teeth contacting, so I find myself cutting food up in to very small pieces so no chewing/tearing is required. It’s funny how quickly you adapt and I’m still eating steak, chicken, chocolate 😉 etc.

The other thing has been the brackets rubbing my cheeks and inside of my lower lip. Initially I wasn’t using the wax that I’d been given for this exact problem, but once I applied the wax to the brackets it was problem solved.
After week 2 I didn’t need the wax at all, the rubbing stopped.

A little more time and patience is required with brushing my teeth. Just to make sure I get everywhere. There’s a lot going on…the brackets, bite guards, power chain, donuts, quick ties…so I have to make sure I get in to every nook and cranny when brushing. Get a special ortho toothbrush, they do work better than a regular brush. Your dentist should be able to give you one of these.

I’ve got my next appointment later this week, but after just 3 weeks there is already some movement, I can see it’s starting to work so hopefully in another 5 months or so i’ll have straight teeth


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